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What our customers are saying about us

  • Laura

    We are having a wonderful time. The tours were wonderful. The tour guides were very different in style but we enjoyed both. We took a vote which guide we liked better and it was half and half šŸ˜€ but everyone did like both and thought they both were good. My son, whom was most interested in all yours, thought it fantastic! The driver was also very pleasant! Great location as we enjoyed all of the Plaka shops and restaurants. We to date are having a wonderful trip. Thank you so much!!

  • Sue


    They are over the top happy. Just got a text from them. They are keeping a journal so that I can use it to plan many more trips!! Another happy client! Also, just saw in our group chat that there is a new request for Greece and michelle grabbed and will be calling you! We love you!


  • Laurie W

    Hi George!

    Santorini is wonderful! We are enjoying it very much. Lew was able to take care of the credit card issue with Nana Princess. All good!

    Laurie W

  • Marcie
    Los Angeles

    Good morning dear George.
    They were VERY happy with their guide on arrival in Santorini yesterday , she said she was very interesting and gave them some good points on good wineries and restaurants across the island.

    The clients are home and had a wonderful time. Their least favorite was Nafplion; the hotel turned them off. You may want to steer clients elsewhere. Other than that, they had a great time. It couldnā€™t have happened without you and your knowledge. Thank you for making this an enjoyable and easy experience for me. I will be in touch with future business.

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